McSim Version 4


  1. Auto deployable
  2. Unlimited Time, No Intervention, Multiple Client Session Simulation
  3. Independent User Session Simulations by independent instances using the same VRM modem and GPS unit
  4. Automatic GPS simulation when required
  5. Automatic Time Synchronization of Client with Server
  6. Automatic recovery from hardware or Communication Network failure
  7. Automatic Loading of Generation pattern for session and different types of messages
  8. Centralized collection of all statistics gathered from all Independent instances in Time Chronology and in event sequence
  9. Automatic Restarting from Failure, Time Up or Manual
  10. Continuous graphing of Recent Averages for trend Analysis
  11. Automatic Archive of Statistics and Graphs
  12. Automatic logging in XML, Binary and Text files
  13. Online display of History Records with Filters
  14. Tool Tips
  15. Selectable Simulation
  16. Selectable Graph Displays and Archive editing facility
  17. On Line Debugging Facility