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EDMS is intended for organizations who wish to provide web based online  Reprographic, Project and Document Management ServicesEDMS is easily installable and manageable package. EDMS can be configured and adapted for varied other related applications. 

Reprographers provide copying services mostly for Blueprints. In order to do that they have to pick up drawings from customer location or customers have to send them digital images. EDMS offers digital vault for any collection of digital documents. The vault is hierarchical - highest level is System Administrator, second level is Reprographer Administrator, third level is Company Administrator, forth level is Project Administrator. At the project level, EDMS further recognizes two kind of entities - project members and digital files. Digital files are further classified into Drawings, Specifications and Documents. Drawings and Specifications can have any number of subfolders to house digital files. Project members can view, review any of these documents within that Project. Members can start any number of threads of Comments/Messages which can be viewed by others including themselves and further Commented upon. Project members can download and upload digital files and can perform any file management operations. If Blueprinting is required, they can make that request to the Second level. The hierarchy is required to create 'private container digital vaults' which can not be trespassed by others, even by mistake. Engineers and architects often need to consult many designs and construction drawings to make new designs, drawings, specifications and reports; hence the need for EDMS. Engineers and consultants are also required to make changes, improvments and maintain digital files. Any large Project is a collaborative effort of many professionals who view and review digital documents. With EDMS it is possible to maintain a large online library of any kind of digital documents. EDMS provides financial and usage accounting at every level. Pricing of EDMS based Services is customizable at all hierarchical level. 

Drawings other than Autocad, PDF, Tiff, Jpeg, Gif may be transformed during upload of files to Tiff, Jpeg or Gif format so that they readily viewable within web browser. EDMS may be customized to achieve this as per user requirements.

EDMS has strict Five hierarchy of users. System Administrator installs the package and makes the Document management service available to others. He has the highest level of access to the System. Privacy of the user documents are maintained especially that of Original Engineering Tiff Drawings. They are only available to the Project Administrator/member or Company Administrator. Project Members may transform TIFF Drawings and make bulk download. The four classes of users other than System Administrator are Reprographic Service Providers or Administrators, its Company Accounts, Projects within a Company, and Members of a Project. Accounts and usage information are maintained for all the users except System Administrator. It is possible to make online Order processing of Documents and Drawings. Documents managed belong to three classes - Drawings, Specifications and Documentations

In order to view Documents you may need  four Plugin viewers for TIFF, AutoCAD, DjVu and PDF documents . EDMS can handle any TIFF files for viewing and transformation. Preferred Browser is Internet Explorer.

System is developed in IIS using ASP, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT and SQL Server. Minimum configuration required is Windows 98, PWS, and Office 2000 Professional.


The root service provider is System Administrator. He invites Reprographic Service providers for Web Hosting. He creates Reprographic Service Providers using Add Folder horizontal menu item. The procedure is to create an account, Edit Account and Activate Account - all using Activate Account vertical Action Button. 

Once a service provider is activated then he shall have a Website for himself with a unique URL. For example, System Administrator have installed the system at He has created a Service Provider Madhus Reprographic Service ( Administrator userid madhu, password madhu). Madhus unique URL is Madhu then makes this URL known to all the companies he provides services. Madhu now creates Company accounts. Accounting for Madhu and all other service providers are done at the level of System Administrator. Accounting for all Companies account of Madhu is done at the level Administrator for Madhus Reprographic Service. The System keeps track of Storage Usage and accounting at both level. Companies further may have multiple projects and individual Project level administrator. Project Administrator may create multiple project members. Access to the documents and information is limited to the hierarchical level the person belongs. He can never view any information above his level. Individuals may upload files to his directory. While uploading, original Tiff drawing files are automatically transformed to gray scale and bi-level reduced images along with thumbnails for view only purpose. Customers or clients may see these representative drawings and decide to order online for the same. Authorized users may download Documents. User may transform files before download. Selected files are transformed and Zipped before download. It is possible to login at as id: aptech password: aptech level: company, id: hudson password: hudson level: Project, or id: kankan password: kankan level: member. It is possible to login at as id: system password: secret level: System Administrator.

A new Reprographer interested in web hosting of his services fills in his information through agreement button. Reprographer fills in his details directly. System Administrator gets to see applications of intersted Reprographers when he logs in and presses activate button. System administrator verifies the correctness of the application information and activates a reprographers account. Reprographer is informed via system generated email message. Similarly a company can make an application to a Reprographer, and a project manager can make an application to a company for web hosting service. Activation of their accounts are Administrator of the Reprographer, or Administrator of the company. 

Searching  for locating presence of Documents is also available. 

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Plug in Installation

Plug in for Tiff drawing can be had from . However it need be modified in order to view any kind of Tiff drawings. EDMS provides the modifications.The plug in for AutoCAD Drawings is available at Volvo view Express Download site.  Plugin for DjVu is available from The plugin for PDF documents is available at Adobe System. 

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Middle window displays all the accessible Folders for the current logged on user. An user cannot view any folders above his level.  An user can create any folder at any level below him. In order to do that, he has to select a Folder in the Middle Window and click on Add Folder in horizontal menu. At the level of Project, there are four folders -Drawings,Specifications,Documents andMembers.Members Folder contains particulars of members of the Project. It is possible to create folders withinDrawings andSpecifications. Select anyitem in themiddle window to view it inRight Window.

Right window isInformation, Edit andDisplay Window. It is possible to view Documents directly from this window by clicking on the Item itself. It is possible to store any kind of Documents in EDMS- midi, sound, video, programs, multimedia etc. It is possible to activate any document in the Right window by double clicking on it.

AllWindows are resizable.

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Filter: Folders &  Documents

EDMS organizes all documents in a hierarchy of Folders - Administrators > Companys >Projects . At Project level, there are Four built-in Folders, Drawings Specifications Documents Members . No other Folders may be created at this level.

Members Folder is the collection of Users for the Project and contains Information about Users of the Project. Project Administrator or above can view total content of Members Folder. Individual Members can only view their own information. Members Folder does not have any sub-Folder.

Drawings and Specifications Folder can have any number of user defined Sub-Folders called Categories. Drawing Folders has some predefined Folders but Categories for Specification Folder has to be created by the user. All documents has to belong to any of these Drawing or Specification Categories or Document Folder only but not in any of Node Folders. All Drawings or Specifications have to belong to any of these Categories. Categories can have no more Sub-Folder. Documents Folder can have no more Sub-Folders. Each Drawing, Specification or Documents has user defined Drawing/Specification/Document ID, and Description. This is assigned by the user when he or she uploads files to EDMS . Uploaded file retains its original File(MIME) Type and used for viewing and transformation. It is required by the user to adopt well defined classification system of IDs in order to better organize his/her respective files. He/she should assign same ID for related Drawing, Specification and reference Document. Under well defined Classification system EDMS can handle hundreds of thousands of Drawings, Specifications and Documents without any degradation of performance. Classification of drawings/specifications/documents could be any. Each group may be dot(.) or hyphen (-) separated but should be well defined and consistent. Drawings/Specifications/Documents No. or ID can be maximum of 25 total characters and is sufficient to accomodate any classification system. File Type is limited to 8 characters and is sufficient for any existing File Type definition in any computing environment. Description field is limited to maximum of 150 Characters and may contain brief technical description( Title or Key words)of the file.

After logging into EDMS, user is presented with a Filter. This Filter enables him to select a user View of EDMS for him to operate on. This user View remains unchanged till he/she decides to initiate another View with different Filter criteria. Based on selection criteria in the Filter, user presented with a tree View of filtered EDMS that is local to client. Any action User performs, may not be local and may bring about change in the Server based EDMS . In case of such a change, user may decide to refresh local View by activating Filter again. However there may (not) exist any inconsistency between Server EDMS and its local view.

System Administrator, Reprographer Administrator, Company Administrator, Project Administrator or Members of Project  select Reprographers, Copmany, Project or Category  Folders that he/she would like to operate on. User may select some( any) of the Drawings, Specications, Documents and Members Folders. User may select Documents which satisfy selection criteria for IDs, File(MIME) Types or Descriptions from the selected Folders.

A document may be selected based on Document selection Criteria entered. The Selection criteria is entered as an expression with following syntactic rule:

% - matches any number of any characters

[ ] - matches one character from a collection of character group defined within the brackets. A charcter group is either a character or range of characters separated by hyphen(-). Example: [a-zC-G3-7]. A caret sign before a charater group eliminates occurrence of any character from the character group at that character position. Example:[^a-c] implies a,b or c is not allowed at that character position.

_ (underscore) matches one but any character.


s[a-d][^c-d]__yzt% would match any string with first character - s, second character - a b c or d, Third character is not c or d, fourth and fifth can be any character, sixth seventh eigth characters are yzt, there may be zero or more of any characters following eigth character.

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Activation Buttons are arranged in the left hand side. They change at different layers of operation.

Home provides information onEDMS.

About us provides information onService provider.

Entrance is the door toLogin.

Application talks about service offering.

Features give brief description of operation. One must go through theOver view link before starting to use the system.

Demo is quick start.

Agreement is the link to customer agreement.

Service Provider provides details of selected Service Provider in the middlewindow.

Administrator provides details Administrator for selected Service Provider in the middlewindow.

Company Details provides details of the company selected in the middlewindow.

Professionals provides information of Administrator or members for selected Company or Project in middlewindow.

Usage provides storage statistics and usage break up for the selected user in the middlewindow.

Accounts provides current Financial account of user selected in the middlewindow.

Activate service is used to activate a newly introduced account - service provider, company, project or member.

Order is used for making an order for an Engineering document. Member, Project Administrator or Company Administrator can order blueprints of Drawings. An auto generated email informs the reprographer administrator of such an order. Reprographer can see the pending orders( clicking  Order button and then Order listing button) and executes them. The result of execution is informed to Company and Project Administrator via auto generated mail.

Activate is used to activate a newly introduced Reprographer, Company, Project or Member Account. System Administrator can view pending Requests of Service or Storage from Reprographers and Activate the same. Reprographer Administrator can view pending Request of Service and Storage from Company and Activate the same. Company Administrator can view pending request of Service or Storage from Project Administrator and can Activate the same. Listing of request for new accounts as well as additional storage requests from old accounts from lower level of users can be seen . Action may be taken on any item on the listing by double clicking on it. An email message is auto generated as a result of an action taken. When a company administrator can not fulfill storage requests for a project, the request for more storage is auto generated to Reprographer level. If Reprographer can not fulfill this request by Editing of that company information and making changes for additional billing to be made to the company; Reprographer may make Storage request to System Adiministrator. Eventually System Administrator Edits Reprographer Information for additional storage from Activate at his level. Reprographer is automatically informed by email. Reprographer then Edit s Company Information and Company is automatically informed by Email.

Project Details provides details of the Project selected in the middlewindow.

Project members provides information of Administrator or member for selected Project or Member in middlewindow.

Document details provides information regarding all the Documents in the Project.

Drawing category lists all the Drawing Folders.

Message provides the listing of messages and comments within the Project. Members of a project can add and post messages.

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Menu items are arranged at the top portion. Above the menu items, Selection, if any, in the middle window is displayed. If there is no selection, nothing is displayed. Selection of an item in the middle window is done by clicking any item therein.

New Folder - if there is no selected item, the process of creating a folder is initiated at the highest level; for example, System Administrator can start filling in Information regarding a new Service Provider; subsequently the Service provider has to be activated via activate button; a new user can submit his information via agreement button. If there is any selected item, folder creation process is started at that level; if a service provider is selected, the process of entering information for a new Company is started. Apart from creating new Reprographer Folders and new Company Folders, it is possible to create new Project folders, new Drawing categories, new Specification categories and new members. User may click "Select any item to view or operate " and then click "New Folder" whenever he/she wishes to create Folder at their highest level.

Del Folder - Selected Folder is deleted if it is empty.

Upload - Files may be uploaded for a selected Folder such as Drawing, Specification and Document. User provides appropriate User File Identification and description and category information for Files uploaded. Large Tiff files, size above 100K, are reduced to smaller size images - gray scale and bilevel, and saved along with originals. Any user can view these reduced images instead of original. One need to look at smaller size images on a slow network. Original images are available to any user, third level or lower. Restricted users such as Company Administrator or Project Administrator can view originals. User can download originals or transform originals before download. Tiff images less than 100k are reduced to 1/16th, images 100-200k are reduced to 1/64th and images above 200k are reduced to 1/256th size. Alongwith images of reduced size, thumbnails of proportional size of 250 pixels width. Thumbnails are shown in any drawing folder listing. Drawing Folder listing appears when the folder is selected in tree view in the middle window.

Del File - Selected File is deleted in the server along with any related files.

Download - The process is initiated for downloading of files from Project folder in the server. Drawing TIFF files may be transformed before downloading. Selected files are zipped before download.

New Member - The Process of creating a member for the selected Project is started.

Del Member - Deletes the selected member from the Project.

Edit - It is possible to edit most of the information of a Selected Reprographer, Company, Project or Member.

Credit  - Credit application and processing for a Reprographer, Company or Project may be initiated for the (no)selection in the middle window.

Exit  - Logout from the system.

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