[ Ibn Mas'ud (radiallaahu 'anhu) would advise his students, "If your
intention is one of these three, do not seek knowledge: To shame the
ignorant, or to argue with the Fuqahaa' (scholars), or to cause people to
turn their faces in your direction. Intend with your actions and words that
which is with Allaah, for indeed that which is with Allaah shall remain and
everything else shall perish.
" ]


I am a programmed robot

I wish to be myself and not remain a programmed robot











In 1984, I was making a trip to Gomukh (cow's mouth), a fairly inaccessible place, then, in Himalayas where the river Ganges (Body of People or Is it Cow's body? Cow is symbolic equivalent for Indus, later gangetic, valley civilization. Cattles are used for farming, transportation, milk; and all kinds of exotica are made from milk. Mud houses were built with cow dung as bonding element and that too again used for flooring. Cow dung cakes used for fire. This also shows the values of this civilisation - introspection - to find the cause behind the outcome. So much so Gopal, the person who raises cattle is God.) Ganges starts thy downward journey for thy home - Bay of Bengal. Gomukh is a glacier trapped between two mountain peeks. One has to reach Gomukh walking on boulders for 4 miles in the final stage after 18 miles hikes from the nearest locality called Gangotri (landing or birth of Ganges). Bhagirathi (occupant of chariot of destiny), the name of Ganges there, starts as a thin streamlet under the glacier. Seekers have been traveling to Himalayas from all over the world for many thousand years now. One may cross the Gomukh glacier and walk over snow for 11 days and reach Vasudhara (Friend of Earth) falls. Another stream Alaknanda (the daughter of another world) starts its journey from there. Bhagirathi and Alaknanda unite to become Ganges at Rudraprayag. In Mahabharata (means, Inhabitants of Great Earth) written by Krishnadaipayan Veda Vyas (Writer of Knowledge, born in The Dark (background against which all, even darkness, is seen) island). He wrote, Thousand seeds (sons) from the Sea ( Sagar ) were lying perched in hot (Kapil ) land  ( Ashram ). Bhagirath (chariot of destiny) had to make his Journey up the Himalayas (place of Ice) and pray to Glacier to let Ganges originate so that the seeds may spring to life. 

Veda Vyas is the greatest hero and the supreme intelligence for me. I admire his stupendous work. Mahabharata itself has no parallel in human history. It is a verse (rather, uni(t) verse) of 250000 sentences of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a symbolic language like mathematical Logic. Each sentence is an assertion complete by itself. Its words too built from very primitive roots (monosyllables) that changes its meaning from its prefix or suffix added always to create more and more words. [While Ayu is Life, Vayu is air we inhale and exhale. While Aaye is income, Vaaye is expense. While Ayon is beginning, Vayon is end. The root or seed is Aye] Mahabharata is story of all times - past present future, and before or after time. In volume it is more than Encyclopedia Britannica. There are 18 volumes. It starts like this, in the deepest forest in the pitch darkness, some people (their names are Romaharshan etc. )have gathered around a person -Sauni (listener) who just visited an Yagna (the knowledge arises when fears are burnt to nothing) conducted by Janmajoy (Winner of birth). Jonmojoy wished to know the story of his origin to overcome his fear of death. Sauni heard this story of Jonmojoy's Origin and people around him would like to listen to the same. Vyas says, however, the story value is only one fourth of its contents and three fourth remains in untying the knots in the threads of the story. You can read a story or merely hear it. Knots in the story shall stay with you for some time till you untie and understand all the threads of the story. It is automatic. Mahabharata is called Sruti - means 'hear say'. While Vedas is Smriti - means memory. You have to remember, repeat and chant. With Mahabharata you need do nothing. You cannot forget it till you understand the same. Mahabharata is again famous for a part called Geeta - The celestial music, where Krishna teaches Arjuna that he cannot do without fighting. He has no option but to play the role of a temporary wheel in the clockwork of this universe. There is nothing superior or inferior about Dharma - it is one's nature. Lion kills lamb does no wrong. Lamb being killed too is no wrong. All is born to act, die and reborn again. One has no option but to go through this cycle. One can only escape this cycle with the knowledge of one's true nature. The other book he has written is Brahma Sutras - means Treatise on Brahman. This book borrows and depends on Upanishads. Upanishads - again Sruti - means Sit beside me, These are to be learned directly from teacher.

Upanishads are after Veda. Seekers of knowledge of universe - went out of the society to research on beginning and end of universe - the truth and truth only - the foundation of knowledge itself. They did not come back. Wherever they were, they started schools where seekers would come and experience the truth for themselves under the personal guidance of the teacher. These Upanishad verses are again deep but very precise. Once you have heard, it shall remain with you till you have really fathomed it. Hence it is Sruti. 


[Here are some examples the very short ones. 

The stability of an Aum comes from its four legs. We know of its three legs. One is Sleep. One is Dream. One is World that we inhabit. What is the other leg from which the stability of Aum comes? The transition (rather background) state from Sleep to Dream to World. Its property is not Sleep, not Dream, not world. One is liberated from all cycles only when one experiences the transition state.

The Lord of Heaven Indra (Sensor) sends the mighty God Wind to find out about Him. He places a blade of Grass and challenges Wind to blow it. Wind tries hard but can not blow it. Then Indra sends the mighty God Fire to find out about Him. He puts a blade of grass and asks Fire to burn it. Fire tries hard but fails to burn the blade. Then Indra sends the mighty God water to find out. He again puts a blade of grass and asks water to carry it away. Water tries hard but can not move it. Then Indra himself comes to find out about Him. Only to find that He is not there.

The world is like a spider's web. The spider builds the web with material generated entirely within itself. Spider then positions itself in the center of the web. 

A bright student approached teacher for knowledge of Brahman. The teacher gave him 500 cattle and asked him to go to jungle and return only when the cattle strength becomes 1000. Days passes, all by himself with the cattle he no longer uses words and languages. He becomes one of the cattle. One day the cattle tell him, 'We are now 1000 strong. The master asked us to be taken home when we are so'. As they were returning, the master saw them from a distance, and pointed to others, 'Look there, 1001 cattle coming'. When the master asked why did he come back, he replied, 'To thank the master for the knowledge of Brahman.' 

There are two birds in the tree of life. One is restless - eating, singing, chirping and jumping from branch to branch. The other is silent and for ever observing the restless one.] 

Sanysins (means The seeker) seeks the knowledge of Brahman. Brahman is again Sanskrit word meaning the broadest mind (that contains all). It has a reference symbol  - 

It is a composite letter and stands for The Whole - 1.Wake, 2.Sleep, 3.Dream, and 4.Transition ( in Sanskrit, Turiya. It is unconnected with other three - a dot over a crescent representing Sky or Akasha, the only infinite background and container of of all. Akasha literary means absence of all expectations). It is also popularly referred as 'Not That, Not That, Not That'. It is pronounced as an O O O with lips closed. How old are these works - about three thousand or more years, certainly before Buddha or Mahavir. For long, Upanishads, Geeta and Brahma Sutra are textbooks for Sanysins. Mahabharata is for general public who does not have time to go to university and study the universe and the nature of universe (Dharma). The only thing is known about Vyasa - he lived in Mauna (Silence) in Badrinath (The Lord of Spoken words) above Basudhara falls - the origin of river Alaknanda. His flow of words is another river - Saraswati - voice of truth or inner voice, flows unseen to the humanity in the water of Ganges to the bay of Bengal to Indian Ocean to other oceans and to shores of other lands. While Brahman has no image but reference only. Saraswati has an image. She is a woman playing Veena (music, Sruti verse) has a disciple, ParamHansa (Perfect Swan, that can retrieve from the water of Ganges, the knowledge (spoken in Sruti verse) flowing along with it). No wonder for all Hindus, the river Ganges is forever pure, sacred and cleaner of all impurities and carrier of Amrita (the knowledge that makes one immortal). Every confluence of Ganges is sacred to Hindus. They gather in millions year after year to take bath on an early morning day called Kumbha (receptacle) - that day they carry the seed of knowledge within the water of Ganges in a receptacle. This knowledge frees a human from cycles of birth and death. Seers too gather in that day on those confluences scattered all over the course of Ganga. They are available for direct talk and experience (Darshan). You may go and sit beside him and listen. Vyas shaped the entire consciousness of Hindus and any number of its offshoots - Buddhists, Jains, Shikhs, and the people of the world for all generations to come. [Hindu is no religion. It refers to those resident of Indus valley, 5000 or more years old who spread elsewhere in the world.] This is the knowledge of One's own self. Vyasa has another name, Badrinarayan - meaning, Teller of Origin of Humanity. Nothing more is known about of Him. He disseminated the knowledge in a manner that is available and will be available to the entire world for all time to come - the medium is 'hear say' Words - Sruti.

Sruti - consisting of Upanishads, Mahabharata, Ramayana. They are considered Vedanta (the end of Vedas - Smriti, memorized knowledge). I know Vyas from his words alone. Words of inner truth springing from Silence into the water from the other world being poured by the friends of earth for Swans living in earth, who can extract inner meanings of Sruti words come floating in this water, and see for themselves their own nature, so that one day they too can fly out of this world just like Seers of Upanishads. I cannot imagine Vyasa from his works. However he reveals something about himself, pursued by others (father is Parasar, with the help of truth alone (mother is Satyavati), he crossed the uncross able (river Vaitarani) and arrived at The Dark Island (KrisnaDeep), to be born (ayan) as author of knowledge (Veda Vyasa) !!!!!!!!!!!........

Gangotri to Gomukh was a long cold trail of 22 miles. I saw a placard in the corner of a bush. 'Here lives the person who eats fruits alone'! Living alone in the Himalayas far away from any locality - one has no choice but to depend on God. But this great man kept his determination not to accept any thing but fruit.

I did not look for him. I had no fruit.

In 1976 on the night of Diwali I started for Ajanta and Ellora caves in Western range of mountains in India, I did no preparation nor did I know very well how to reach the same. I reached Surat, took the night train to Bhuswal. By bus went to Aurangabad. Next day, saw all the three generations of caves, sculptures, buildings and palaces curved from monolithic rocks in Ellora and Aurangabad. It is eye opening. In words, the beauty, splendors and the landscape cannot be described. In money it cannot be evaluated. What architecture! The Palaces were built from top with hammer and chisel, making multiple stories. The columns are all aligned. Furthermore it would make a mockery of all modern days architects, when they find that all these columns make pure octave notes if you just hit them. They were built by generations of have-nots from three different faiths - Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. There is nothing comparable in the world. Also saw the place in and around Aurangabad. It is also rich in culture. I visited the grave of Aurangzeb, the son of Shahajan famous for creation of Tajmahal in memory of his wife Mumtaj. Little away from the grave of Aurangzeb was the grave of his wife built by Aurangzev's eldest son; it cost 139000 Rupees in their time. The grave of Aurangzeb cost 6 paisa, and Aurangzeb paid for the same by earnings from making copies of Koran in his own hand. Six paisa was the cost of 100 square feet of land. The grave did not have any structure on it. Incidentally, he ruled the largest territory among all the Indian Emperors and for longest number of years. He never took any money for his own expense from his treasury.

In the evening, Aurangabad got lit up - celebrating Diwali. All danced in streets whole night. Shops were full of beautiful handicrafts, a tradition many thousand years old.

I saw Buddha's sculpture in his final sleep on the following day. The cave was about the last cave facing west side in the Ajanta Hills. It was in a dark cave. It was dusk and the sun was setting down. Last rays of the day fell on Buddha's face in his last sleep. How did Buddha die? Buddha is a curious person. Buddha took longest time to reach the destination of no return. He took 6 long years. He struggled for it. Having left comfort, wife, child and his princely state in Nepal, he wandered in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. He sought from all. But all had to admit at the end they had not seen the end. Finally he starved for one long month. Nothing happened. He plunged himself to Ganges. He did not sink but got stuck in some roots of a banyan tree. He barely could lift himself. The end came all by itself without any effort from his part. He sat under the Banyan tree for seven full days.

Ajanta is a marvel of different kind.  Here it is paintings. Beautiful colorful paintings in the dark cave drawn by Bhikharis. The caves where daylight does never enter. Paintings could be seen by reflected sun light from mirror. In these caves the Bhikharis lived. Indescribable beauty of these series of paintings on the canvas of rocks framed by rocks on the rocky walls of caves. They can never be stolen but only destroyed by hammer and knife of vandals. They were drawn by unknown masters without any equals. A museum unparallel far away from society in Rocky Mountains. What selections of colors and what quality! Even after 2000 years the whites shine as pearls, reds shine as rubies, black is black and all these were painted in the darkness of the  cave!

Buddha named his disciples ' Bhikkshu'. A Pali word, means 'I mock you'. His disciples were to go door to door and just stand there silently with their bowl. They mocked the hunger of those who have! On this final day Buddha went to an outcast's house. The outcast had nothing. Outcast did not wish Buddha to go away empty handed. He looked inside and found some pig meat many days old. He gave the same to Buddha. Buddha too did not wish to disappoint this holy Outcast. Buddha sat under a tree near outcast's house and ate the same with full satisfaction. He went back to his cave and had his final rest when the sun was setting.

Buddha stopped. I am unable to stop. I am forever hungry. Buddha and his disciples mock me. They are mirror. I only see my reflection in them, I do not see them! Buddha exposes me of my nature forever. Buddha is immortal!!

Buddha wrote nothing. Nothing either was written during his lifetime about him. Although people collected around him in thousands. They waited for him to speak. They came to see him traveling many thousand miles. Dhamapada was written long afterwards. The sculptures of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Mahavir and all Trithankars all over the world all look same. Is this not a great coincidence? Not so.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word. Volumes have been written on that word alone such as Mahabharata and Ramayana (means, Beginning of Enjoyment, another epic written by Valmiki, means, within civilization in earth. It is the story of the Enjoyer, descendant of Sun. It was written earlier to Mahabharata. It is a single story of Rama (Enjoyer) and of his lifetime of enjoyment of ups and downs. It is about how to enjoy life and not escaping. (Mahabharata contains all, even the story of Ramayana. Vyas says, Mahabharata would bring you knowledge of Whole, lift the darkness you see around and free you from this earth). We all know the words - God or Truth. Are they universal word and mean the same to all? How do I know Him, I have not met God ever, unless I met Him earlier? Dharma is that by which we can conclude and identify some thing as that thing and nothing other. In order to do that I must know and identify something as Absolute. So that rest of the world may be identified relative to that. Absolute then is 'That' with respect to all this. 'That's Dharma is nothing, not even nothing. It is the only light with the help of which all, including light and darkness, is visible !!!

That is the only end - not birth and death. You are devoid of all personality when you reach it. You cannot swing past it and have personality again. It is the dead end. No wonder Buddha, Bodhisattva, Mahavir, Trithankars - all look same.

Lamas are not Buddhas. They are reborn as Lamas. In fact next Lama is chosen when some child identifies some personal objects of a dead Lama as his own.

Any one who reaches the end does not have rebirth, or death. Both birth and death are relative to that.

In the September of 1978, I set out for Himalayas. This was my first time. I just had a failure. I had to put myself together. I was looking for Buddha. I had heard that there were some in the Himalayas. I was chased by flood all the way. Bridges and roads were just breaking down. It took about 7 days to reach the origin of Alaknanda. I was searching for Buddha. I asked the caretaker of the lodge. Well, there was one. He might be seen early in the morning. He went for bath in Alaknanda then. Wrapping myself up in a rug, I sat on a boulder keeping an alert eye on the river as well as on the winding road above. One hour passed, sun appeared in the east over the mountains. There was none to be seen. I set for the lodge in disappointment. On my way back - I saw Him.

A tall dark, ageless body without any protuberance, a head covered with bright white mane of hairs, white long beards up to chest, naked but for a bright white clean loin cover, a soap, hand-kerchief, change of loin cover in one hand, he was taking slow strides towards the river. His eyes fixed on the road. I stood still. He passed me and went down into the river. I went back to my lodge. I started out looking for the place where he lived. Two persons sitting on a boulder showed me the way to his cottage, which was not visible otherwise. I looked inside the cottage. There was an earthen jug, a stainless steel glass, and a rectangular box like structure without any cover wherein there were two neatly folded rugs. There was nothing else. I was coming back, those two on the boulder enquired if I had met him. They asked me to go past the cottage. It was a beautiful place. It was a small garden of flowers. Leaning on a boulder, sitting on the ground, facing the sun, mountain Neelkantha above and Alaknanda below, he was replying to letters with a Chinese pen. An inkpot, a nail cutter, a small scissor, and some opened envelopes lay near by. His loin cover and kerchief drying on a shrub. He did not look up. I lied down near the flowerbed just enjoying silence and the beauty of the whole place soaked in sun. Another elderly local person came down from ground above, touched his feet, and asked about his health. He acknowledged. Then he closed the pen, removed his spectacles, looked at me, and asked from where had I come. Did I have any difficulty on the way? 'Plenty', I said.

'Well, if one creates problem, you may go to police station. If police creates problem, you may go to temple. If God creates problem, what could you do?

All is Game.'

Twenty-two years later in 2000, I looked for him again in Badrinath, I wished to see him before I left India. He was not there. He has left the place several years back.

Sruti words need to be restored (samskara) from time to time. One such restoration was done about 12 hundred years back by Sankaracharya (Principal Mixer - he indeed mixed a lot of things - images places beliefs with concepts stories names from Sruti). Much of the pilgrimage sites that dot over entire subcontinent of India are his work. Extinction of Buddhism from India is also attributed to him. Further he wrote many masterly essays and comments on Upanishads, Geeta and Brahma Sutras. He did all these in sixteen years. The famous work of his called Vivek Chura Mani (means, crown gem in the center) is often quoted in the western world. Vivek Churamani refers to What Upanishads call Akasa - a sky in the heart. The only property of Akasha is Suniya - nothing.

[Two quotations: 

Brahma Satya Jagat Mitthya - The Whole mind is truth, the World is false.

Nirvikalpya Samadhi - There is no option but to observe all as they are.

Two words made famous again by him are Antman - means inner mind, the characteristic of the inner mind is non-participating witness; and Yoga - means, to make whole or sum (of inner and outer mind, the world it self).]

What is this option he is talking about. He explains truth and nature of truth vis a vis Illusion - that has appearance of real while not real, example - a rope that may appear a snake in the dark while it is not. Mistaken interpretation is due to knowledge. The only option to misinterpretation is no interpretation at all - that is to observe and observe only. It coincides with the only way to liberation from this World or living in this world (like a swan in the water) - which he calls Maya or Illusion. It is Yoga - union of outer mind and innermind. Outer mind is learned while inner mind is an idiot - never learns. The inner is the only home of outer. The only way to notice this is to enquire and find out what one is - (the exercise Janmojoy went through - the result is Mahabharata.) Yogi is trying to unite outer with inner mind.  

One western philosopher Socrates known through writings of his disciples such as Aristotle, Plato etc. Socrates is known for his conversational discourses to young people. The authorities did not tolerate him. There are many stories about him. His wife Xanthippe was also known for ill temper. Once, while he was talking to some people, she threw a bucketful of drain water on his head. A young man once approached him for his opinion on marriage. "You should marry, marriage is the way to happiness. I love my wife, she is mother of my children." Socrates died drinking poison given by authorities while talking to his students. Favorite topic of his conversation was truth and nature of truth. 

Sankara gave images to all names of Mahabharata, dotting all over the subcontinent - east west north south, created temples around images, established pilgrimage routes to those distant places; created establishments to oversee all these. Badrinath is one such place. Much of the Hinduism we see today is because of him. Not only did he succeed removing influence of eight paths to Nirvana of Buddhism, austerity of Jainism to gain liberation, he succeeded in building and shaping the consciousness of Hindus to be open to all ideas for all time to come not accept any of them as absolute.  At the age of 32 years Sankara just walked away from all his work and establishments set up by him. Each of these establishments today is headed by Sankaracharyas. They too retire from being head.

One other Yoga book that has lot of followings in the west is 'Yoga-sutra' written by Patanjali. However it is practiced by billions of Hindus world over even though they have not read it. Patanjali literally means sacrifice of all leaves of tree of life [along with branches, and lastly the tree itself]. What is left is 'One's self'.  Embedded in it is the tree of life. 'Yoga-sutra' describes the steps of becoming an ascetic. Leaves are manifestation of life of a living tree. The perceptible dynamism of life is breathing - inhalation and exhalation. Yogin, an induct to Yoga, learns to concentrate on this process, ignoring every other perceptions. Mantra may help him do that. Mantra is very private never to be pronouced loud. Mind is focused on breathing alone with the help of Mantra, till all leaves and branches of life tree have fallen. Eventually the life itself dies (one has to remain still) - it is total indifference. One is absent. The state is thoughtlessness, the silent awareness. One is silent witness. Yogi is finally unattached pure self sensing but not reflecting. All is unimportant.

Patanjali says - it is the superior path to every other path and form of knowledge/learning.












Buddha was sitting among thousands of his followers who came to listen to him. One person strode past all of them came face to face with Buddha and spat on Buddha's face. All waited to see Buddha's reaction. Buddha remained smiling. Others asked Buddha for an explanation for his inaction. Buddha said 'This Spit is what I deserve, I must have hurt him so much that he behaved in the manner he did'.















One more Buddha story. King Prasenjit's wife was disciple of Buddha. After lot of persuasion from his wife, Prasenjit went to meet Buddha. He brought along a necklace and a lotus. Buddha said, "Drop it". Prasenjit dropped the necklace. Buddha said, "Drop it." Prasenjit dropped the lotus. Buddha said, "Drop it." Prasenjit had nothing else to drop, he was confused. Bodhisatya explained, "Drop your pride - your concept about what you are."

Zen (Japanese pronunciation of chinese word - chen, which is again chinese pronunciatiation of the Sanskrit word - Dhyan, meaning meditation) Buddhism, popular in west, is attributed to Bodhidharma who migrated to China from Bihar. There are stories about him. Emperor of China, showed Bodhidharma all the humanitarian works he did and enquired about his after life. Bodhidharma bluntly replied that he would go nowhere. Bodhidharma spent later part of his life sitting before a wall. A Zen master tries to teach through what is called Koan. The objective is to bring to notice of the disciple, the futility of analysis or brainwork using past knowledge by way of shock. Zen advocates action without thinking or spontaneous action. The end is known as Saturi - a kind of happiness Zen masters enjoy.
















[Example koan: The master calls the student and shows two girls passing by the window. The Master asks, "Who is the elder?" While the student trying to decide the answer, the teacher slaps on the back and brings the student back to present.

Another Koan: a duckling was raised within a bottle. Now it has grown, the problem is how to get the duckling out without hurting it or breaking the bottle. While the disciple is thinking about the problem, he is brought back to life by great noise. Exclaiming - "See the goose is already out".]

Udala approached Buddha along with 5000 strong disciples challenging Buddha on a debate on that. Buddha gave him an offer. "The fact that you have come to me means that you do not know. Surely you are going to be defeated. You admit it now, I shall ensure that you experience That." To everyone's surprise Udala abandoned his disciples and joined Buddha. 

How to get out of the bottle, which is suffocating tight? No theory is enough. What is that door one opens or gets opened automatically so that one can experience liberation? What did Buddha offer? Why did Udala accept that offer? What is liberation? Liberation from what?















Alexander the great led an army and came till north of India. He underwent heavy causality at the hands of one of the small princely state in the Northern India. His army did not wish to go any further. He had heard stories that if one searched in Himalayas, one could meet some rare souls. He wished to take one such soul back to Greece. He went out one night searching for one. He met up with some persons sitting half circle before a naked person near a fire. He went back to his tent and brought some rugs for them. The naked man asked him to take away the fire if he wished since they had no need. Alexander went back to Greece. He had a last wish that his hands should dangle outside his coffin after his death. He wished all to know that he had taken nothing. 









Hindus divide the life cycle of universe in four epochs - Satya, Dwapar, Treta, and Kali. During first, truth is all pervading and there is no imagination. In the Second, God or Truth is the mind that does not change i.e. that never grows (Vaman). In third, the truth or God is the Dark one, Krishna that does not have any perceptible property - the preceptor himself. In the last, i.e. now, the truth or God is the period between time, i.e. Is it time - Kalki,  While Kali means the flower yet to bloom. This provides the four properties or Dharma of God, in case one wishes to meet Him.





[ Blessed are the pure at heart, they shall meet God

- Sermon on the mount ] 





Brahman - the supreme most mind - contains all and all is made up of Brahman.
One is all.

It is said that one dip in the Ganges (loss of one's identity in the body of mass) clears away one's past!!!! Hindus flock together in millions in the confluences of the Ganges. Together they immerse themselves all at the same time at the first sign of light on a particular day every year - known as Kumbha (Receptacle). For a moment the entire populace lose their individual identity and become one - true to the rivers name. Every twelfth year is known as Purna Kumbha - the full Receptacle. That day, tens of million people become one. Hindus also believe that becoming one is irreversible process.











The name Hindu came from the river Indus. India is that civilization that originated 5000 years back at Indus Valley. Later it shifted east to Gangetic Valley. Here are some glimpse from Indus, Indus Valley, Karakorm and Sadpara Lake.

Hindus divide their life into 4 phases. The first phase is Brahmacharya. It means Practicing Self Discipline. So that in their rest of the life they shall have no problems. There may be ups and down but no fall (from which there is no recovery or escape). The Second is Garhastya. It means family life. Third phase is Vanaprasthya. It means prepare to leave family life. Fourth phase is Sanyas. In this phase one dedicates oneself to rest of the world.

Hindus traveled further east to Thailand, Cambodia, Sumer, Java, Indonesia and elsewhere. In Cambodia, Angkor Watt and Angora Thom are fine Hindu shrines built 1000 years ago, but they are unique - they are pure Sruti shrines. Similar shrines are not there anywhere in the world. Angkor Watt is the largest shrine of all religious shrines in the world. Angora Watt is a quadrangle surrounded by a moat. Each side of the moat is one mile long. It has three levels of galleries. In the first level, galleries have bass relief of men, women and animals engaged in various activities. Galleries are interconnected. In the second level, it is narrative - Ramayana (48000 lines and Mahabharata (250000 lines).

Third level has five shrines. The central one (Vayon) is huge - 215 feet tall but empty. It has in its dome, a relief of the serpent ( Sesha - The End of misconception of the world ) eaten by Garuda (meaning - 'On the Wings of meaning of words' - here words refers to Sruti Words that make one free from the world created with one's beliefs). [I have given my name to it - Femto Flying machine that can make perfect landing on any moment of time and take one off  from imagination to reality. Femto is a Greek unit that represents 10-15 ]. The five shrines embody the five-upanashadic elements - earth water fire air and sky.

While Angkor Watt was creation of Suryavarman II, Angkor Thom is creation of Jayavarman VII who claimed Godhood during his own life time. It has pure geometrical shape of a square. Each side directed toward Geographical North, East, South and West. Exact center is Bayon. Two causeways can approach it from two sides over a moat of 8 miles long. The causeways have the serpent (Basuki, Is it friend? Basuki is the experience - knowledge of the world it balances World on it thousand hoods) held by demons (bad) in one side and gods (good) in other side. Mount Meru is the center of the world is churned by Demon (forces of evil) in left and gods(forces of good) in the right. Churning yields Bayon( cause of life - it is never born), which consists of 52 stone towers - 52 weeks of observations. Each of these towers is a pure quadrangle. The sides are again facing exact geographical north south east and west. Each of the sides adorns 8 feet high majestic faces. The main shrine has two galleries with narratives reliefs on them. First has three levels of reliefs. The entrance of shrine has two guards, one with a trident (a person who has renounced) and the other with a club (representing robber). The Shrine is an empty chamber. It is said that Jayavarma entered here every night before sleep where he was visited by 9 headed Serpent (Basuki, means 'Friend?', who held this world in its head). [All of this is from the first chapter of Mahabharata ( Adiparva)]. He further dedicated the shrine to Lokeshwara, means - for the good of people.]

In Thailand, the city of Bangkok is divided into three, by two concentric canals. In the inner most circle, it is royal palace and administrative buildings. In the second region, it is all religious shrines and government establishments. In the outer most regions, it is all business and living quarters for the citizen. The Garuda is in the Thailand national Flag. This is the symbol for Truth. Here are some photographs from Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom.


Garuda is represented as a large white-necked eagle, but his images in the temples show him with a human trunk. Serpents are the natural food of the eagle. The reason for this enmity is traced in the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata to the jealousy between Kadru, the mother of the serpents and Vinita, the mother of Garuda ( Father is Kasyap, means Turtle, Dharma is slow). Only Vishnu (means 'That entered into everything') rides on Garuda, and Shesha ('The End'), the great serpent - wait upon him. He uses Shesha as his couch and Garuda as his mount. Interestingly many incarnations of Vishnu has mother as Aditi (meaning, the end of the first). [Vinita ( means "submissive') had two eggs. Kashyap told her that to be patient with them since it would take a long time for the eggs to hatch. They would free her from bondage of Kadru [ literally means "evil interpretation" ], her sister. But tortures from children of Kadru ( tens of thousand worries from past) were rather too much. She broke one egg, and Maruti was born. It was prematured and itself needed nursing. However, Maruti told her mother that he would bring her always a fresh new day. It is only temporary relief from worries of past and not permanent freedom from bondage of past (Smiritis) superstitions or beliefs (Vedas). Maruti became the mount of Sun. Vinita had to wait for another thousand years till the scond egg hatched. Garuda was born. Sruti words that lifted her from her submission to her worries, delivered her the ultimate freedom - present.]

The 5000 years old secret for survival of Hindus is Mantras. Mantras are to be repeated in mind and never loudly to overcome all difficulties, sorrows and human emotions, and finally, liberation of soul from this world. All Hindus repeat (Japa) Mantras many thousand times every day. This is the secret of happiness, prosperity and tranquility, that only Hindus known to possess. Here are three Mantras. Ram for enjoyment. Garuda for removing any kind of obstacles. Finally, AUM for attaining liberation and becoming Absolute. The Mantra Ram, transformed robber Rantakar to Seer Valmiki, the author of Ramayana. Legend says Ratnakar could not even utter Ram, he could only say Mar which mean kill or die. But when repeated it becomes Ram after all.

Hindus are divided into five classes consisting of four castes, depending on the work they do : Brahmin - Priest teachers counselors etc., Khsatriya - Rulers warriors administrators etc., Vaishya - Practitioners Businessman Traders etc., Sudras - Labourers Workers etc.; and OutCastes - the rest; However realized souls are beyond classifications and they do not belong to any class. Hindu marriages are social ceremony, arranged between two families. Hindus keep track of their lineage and compare the lineage of the both the party before the marriage takes place. It is required that both have non intersecting lineage. Before marriage both boy and girl have the same Lineage of their parents, after marriage the girl acquire the lineage of the boy. Hindus observe celebacy before marriage. Hindus are burnt after death. The ashes are thrown into river Ganges to be taken to sea. But a person, who has achieved liberation in his lifetime, is beyond all rules.

After any death in the family, near relations go through strict self discipline and control during well defined period of mourning according to proximity of relationship. After that the near relations clean themselves from all attachments of past relation and wish the deceased soul be free from any attachments too. Hindus believe the soul takes rebirth after a period of time depending on the actions of the just completed life. The soul is inner mind plus results of past actions.

Hindus believe the inner mind or self is indestructible, eternal and without any attachment. Only realized soul does not have rebirth, forever free of attachments and forever shines or reflects. Hindus always advice each other not to expect result of any action. All the Hindus believe that the newborn baby is Absolute.

He is Narayan (Beginning of Man). Boy or girl, the education is must. Hindus observe lunar calendar. There are thirteen celebrations every year. Each is a social occassion of different kinds and celebrated with music, color, dress, sports, gifts, foods and drinks.

One rich merchant of Lahore was very insistent to be useful to Guru Nanak. Guruji gave him a needle and a piece of thread asked him to keep them safe and return them after his death. Delighted he left and soon returned very confused, saying that it was not possible to return them after his death!! Guruji took back the needle and thread, saying that its purpose was over. Then life of Guruji and the after life of the Merchant were same - they both could possess nothing.

One can't get the world rid of thorns, instead one should cover one's feet for comfort traveling.
One can't get the world rid of bad, instead one must rid of one's own concept of bad.

All is always perfect and impossible to improve upon.

In a village where only Taoists live, supremacy is settled in a very unique manner - the both contestants meet at a public place being watched by all, where they silently observe each other till one gets excited, loses composure and silently leaves.

Finally, how does one attain Moksha/Nirvana/Freedom. This has nothing to do with any concept of God or religion.

In the epic Mahabharata, Yudhisthir (one who is calm even during war, it is his Dharma), the son of Dharma - himself, set out for heaven with all his near relatives - body, mind, intellect, faith, determination and desire; but he had to leave them behind one after another starting with the last. He entered the heaven in his life time, but alone (in the heaven, he is without Dharma. Yudhisthir had Dharma all along his journey. He entered Heaven, only when he preferred to live in Hell with his family to heaven without his family. Once in heaven however he found all is already there and all is God.

Earlier, Yudhisthir waged war against relations. The battle took place in the arena of Worst Opposites (Kurukhsetra). It was fought by all relatives ( all and nothing, true and false, life and death, mortal and immortal, male and female, pride and shame, courage and fear, new and old, innocence and knowledge, teacher and student, intellect and idiot, near and far, right and wrong, good and bad, open and secret, fine and gross, past and future, superior and inferior, strong and weak, Have and Havenot, high and low, bias and unbias, peace and violence, happiness and sorrow, pleasure and pain, like and dislike, sane and insane, noise and silence, light and darkness, celibacy and indulgence, saint and jerk, prosperity and proverty, free and bound etc. etc.). It was 18 days battle. The survivors of this war were Self, Body, mind, Intellect, determination, Grace, Life, roots and co-ordinates - time and space.

The Sindhu and its tributaries originate from (S)hindukush (bundle of rivers) mountain. The Brahmaputra (son of The Mind) and its tributaries originate from Manos Sorovar (Lake of Desire). Indian Pennisula and Indians are fed and nurtured by these three great rivers - Sindhu Brahmaputra and Ganga. The river Saraswati never visible for ever enriches Indian minds.

While I was making trips in space and time - I have been reading and hearing from contemporary Swami, Gurus, Writers and Mahatmas. They are many - they had their unique approaches. 'Space within heart' by Aubrey menon is good reading. The approach of J Krishnamurthy is very blunt - 'Why can't you be the first to discover whatever you need to discover about yourself? Why do you need help? Are you not complete all by yourself? If not can you be complete with external help?' Many has left behind lot of reading materials, and created institutions - Ramakrishna Mission, Baishnavas, Iskon, Osho, Aurovido Ashram etc. Among them, Chinmayananda alone taught Geeta and Upanishads in the traditional manner of ancient Rishis with emphasis on Sanskrit and meaning of composite words. Ramakrishna mission did well to publish all Vedanta literature again with english translations. Osho had written many treatise on Vedantic essays; he had his very unique style. They are deep and worth reading. Swami Vivekanada was first to conceive Yoga teaching could bring about economic change and freedom to India. Baishnavas a revolution introduced by Chaitanya created a new society and culture. Ramakrishna created a revolution by introducing meditations and puja in daily basis in every household in Bengal and elsewhere.

The Space has no birth, no death and unfillable.

A philosopher searching for the stone that existed before time, when he finds it, he has no more philosophy.

A human accumulating wealth or desirous of heaven (heaven is the place where every desire is instantly fulfilled), once in heaven, has no desire.

A rebel vanishes completely without any trace.

'All right,' said the Cat; and this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone.

Mulla Nasiruddin is about to breath his last. Priest approached him with the holy book, hoping Mulla would seize this last chance and agree for Absolution. Mulla spoke slowly, � . this perhaps is my end . . if I am not so fortunate . . I do not know who would claim me . . . I prefer not to antagonize Davil . . . . '

I m 2 b r 0 2 b
I am represented by a .  although I exist after the full stop
2 call me - a e j in my mother's tongue
in my daughter's tongue, i m p as in Thomson or ptychotis or       .
But I am not silent, nor absent, or space
I am a mirror

and all is my reflection. I might as well be non-reflecting. Either way, I serve no purpose.
This is what I look like when I am not reflecting.

I am not noticeable but that does not mean I am not imaginable. I imagine a noticeable me - just a tiny . - a false me - a spec of ego and make reflections of the same - creating egotist me. Can I ever be original!
I indulge myself creating infinite repeatitive images with imaginary reflectors such as me catching and reflecting my own imaginary image. I am very imaginative! I do all these in order to be noticeable.













The above is many many reflections of a single . which I imagined as different (i.e. not me).

Can I ever be not original! Can I ever create anything that is not me! Time, too, starts when I bounce a . around. Time, too along with dot, vanishes when I am not reflecting. If it is intelligent of me to imagine a dot as not me; it is idiotic of me to bounce it around forever no matter what universes that it creates and further think them as permanent and unique.

True or False, pleasure or grief, past or present or future, fear or courage, successful or unsuccessful, intelligent or fool, learned or ignorant, complex or simple  - all are the same face of the same coin and all at the same time.

Here are some reflections of mine. They are all true, all real and all existing !...!!!�!






I am zillion .. omegallion plus spaces
I have created the empty ones it is my hobby

Drillion .. zillion plus of the spaces are non-empty(created by others)
in some i m present
in some i m absent
in some i m past
in some i m future
in some i m all at the same time.

Each of the empty spaces contains gillion .. omegallion plus heavens with killion .. yillion Gods, hillion .. nillion plus hells with sillion .. fillion devils, and pillion .. rillion plus uninverses of zero to krillion plus dimensions.
Lillion plus of them have billion .. xillion worlds with jillion .. million plus Archimedes, aillion .. willion plus Newtons, cillion .. nillion plus Hitlers, eillion .. fillion plus Patriots, rillion .. pillion plus Americas, krillion .. stillion minus .. Faiths, Tsillion .. ptillion plus Buddhas, 8000 .. 1- viruses, 710001222 .. 123- famines, 7324 .. 76- wars, 65400 .. 996+ religions, 4325600 ..7865+ humans with 568+ languages in 6787 .. 1+ warring countries - Supreme .. superior .. western .. northewstern .. developed .. developing .. underdeveloped .. under..underdeveloped.

Frizzilion plus of them have me in 999 .. 1+ different stages of life in -678 to 654 .. 8+th birth.
Kizzillion plus me are multi multi billionaires with multi multi plus harems (of males and females)in only trillion worlds. . . .

In some of these worlds there are number of sexes. In one world all have different sex. There you introduce yourself revealing your sex. You have to. Since you have to prove yourself different and not same. Otherwise you shall be banned as plagiarist. (Plagiarist can't have sex. )All spend their entire life examining others sex. In another world there is only one sex, so inhabitants spend their life time examining their own sex.

In one world sex is banned. In yet another world no sex is banned. In one world talking about sex is banned. In yet another world no talking of sex is banned.

In one world inhabitants do not exist but there are unilimited images - all different. Images die only to reappear again and again. In another world there are innumerable inhabitants and they do not have images so they do not die ever. But is is very boring to live in this place. Here inhabitants have all different sexes. So it is exciting always to have different sex all the time. So it is not boring at all. However sex without visualization is very dull. So the inhabitants carry images from the other world secretly. Since in this world no image must exist.

Jjillion plus me have committed trillion plus sins and suffering in hells constantantly tortured by sillion satans with no hope of seeing the end in any future in hillion plus time in only million non-empty spaces. . . . In Dillion plus world I am permanently kept live in coffined confinement. . . . In zillion plus world I am permanent resident hyper-paranoid. In other world I am transient resident ...

In 1 such world I have declared war against terror, in 11 world I have declared terror against war, in 111 world I have declared war against peace, in 1111 world I have declared peace against war

In one world everyone won Nobel Prize except me, in other worlds I give Nobel prize if one does not ask me.
. . . In crillion world I am hated more than Devil. . . . In one world I have nothing.. . . . In billion plus world I am the poorest with with zillion .. trillion debts. . . . In no world I am successful ever. . . . . . In some world I am male, in some I am female, in some I am both, in some I am child, in some I am old, In some I am animal , in some I am insect, in some I am virus, in some I am plant, in some I am something, in some I am nothing ......
In 101 world I have declared war against terror. In 102 world I have declared terror against war. In 100 world I am Almighty. In 1000 world I am his counterpart.

In 0.1 world I am The Absolute. In 0.01 world I am Einstein. In 0.001 world I am Leonardo. In 0.0001 world I am Columbus. In 1 world whatever I say is The Truth. In all other world whatever I say is The False. In 100 heavens I am Davil. In 10000 hells I am The God. . . . Aleph Null- worlds of mine are -3.5 Dimensional. Only one world is 4+pi.i dimensional. . . In one world there are infinite infinities. In square root of 21.5 world there are only twenty five.i infinities. In all other worlds, only finite is infinity. . . In one world I need not study to know. In all other world I study not to know. . . In 7.001 world I work not to get paid. In 1.007 world I pay all in advance so that they need not work. In two world I do both. In o.1 world I am believer. In 1 world I am Christian. In 11 world I am Muslim. In 111 world I am Hindu. In 1111 world I am Jew. In 11111 world I am Buddhist....In 111111 world I am Capitalist. In 11111 world I am Communist. In 1111 world I am rebel. In 111 world I am conformist. In 11 world I am ethist. In world i m chinese

In one worldsss I am happy. In 7 worlds I am sad.
In 77 one dimensional world ... there are 10 trillion humans in 100 mile area
All the humans there have their own languages, no languages have any similarity with one another. there are as many satellites which are translating the languages and delivering to Pentagon for analysis. It takes 17 years to hear what the person standing next to you spoke

In -33 world humans are humans
In one world I am divorced, in another I married, in another I am never married, In another I am divorced, married and never married. I have no children.
In one world I am mother to my son and father to my daughter husband to my wife and wife to my husband and daughter to my son and son to my grand son who is father to my daughter and father in law to my wife and mother in law to my own thy self

In one world I am Buddha happily married. In one world I am Ram married to Mandodari. In another I am Ravana married to Sita. In one world I am Sita who fought with Ravana and rescued Ram from his harem.



In some world I m a new character for life time every day. In some I am not allowed to be any body. They are called democracies. There all have to be everybody.


In -3 world humans are machines. In 3 world machines are humans.



I have spaces - that are mirror image of each other. In one, time moves forward; and in the other, time moves backward. In one, heaven is hell and in the other vice versa. There is of course another space where time is altogether absent. Not many people like to be there but it is a place for brainless people who can't ever decide. Those who have any brain they quickly get into time forward space or time backward space. In this space, one is given a control panel where one punches one's selection - space, Time, direction of time, speed of time, life, lifetime, places of entry and exit, number of lives, roles and rules. In the space where time is going reverse - one starts being old ( age, sex, role, rules, country etc. all are one's own choice). Along the way, he has choice not do what ever one did earlier. But it is hardly ever seen that they do to the contrary. Although I give all the choice of brains but no one opts to use it ever whatever that be. In the other space where the time moves forward, it is exactly same scenerio. Here too no one uses their brain no matter how much they opt for. They stubbornly stay the course. As a result both the spaces are identical except that one is clockwise and the other is anticlockwise. In one all comes to life innocent. In the other all comes to life all knowing. In one one commits mistake all the time innocently. In the other all commits mistakes knowingly all the time. In one all expects punishment all the time and willing to pay upfront to reduce punishment (sometime taken to heaven by some prophet). In the other, one takes the punishment (sometime brought from heaven by some prophet) upfront and pays for the delivery afterwards. In one all is thinking all the time what others thinking about him since he is wrong all the time. In the other all is thinking all the time what he will be thinking next what others will be thinking about him since he was wrong what others thought about him. Although they are totally disconnected, at any point of time they are identical - You can never tell which is image of the other or where clock is running in which direction. However you got to be in the other space where time is absent to see the both world all the time blinking the same image over and over at perfect unision. Inhabitants of the space without time are idiots. They have not been able to make up their mind to be or not to be - they are still reading the control panels and deciding which way to go - forward or backward. Brain is useless in all these spaces. Hence, rest of my spaces, organisms do not have brain while their counterparts - machines light sound atoms books etc. all have brains any number and varieties of them. They motivate, and make organisms go forward or backward in their individual life. In one of these spaces, in one single world, Buddha supposed to have been born 500 times to be recognized as Buddha or realize himself as Buddha. Pretty dumb is n't it!! Now of course no one counts any more, only machines do. Direction Choice is Of course yours - forward or reverse, just punch the button with reflex action.



In quite a few world I do not remember in which all spaces - it is black yet has innumerable black holes where non black objects keep disappearing.


In quite a few world I do not remember in which all spaces - it is white yet has innumerable white holes from where black holes keep appearing.


I have a space with one unique universe with one unique planet of 6 billions humans with 6 billions values, each superior to the other and each is proving the same to the other. Often times they gang up and attack others - in isolation or otherwise or smaller in number. They all of course have one value in common though - not to attack others. It is just that they have to keep thhis in the list so that they have reasons to fight. They used to have simple meaningful names to start with according to ones values. But they have abandoned this scheme now, since the dictionary has become too large. And of corse literacy is no longer of any import. Now, as soon as one is born, instead a chip is inserted with a number (social security - it is its identity) and given an account that has a number indicating how much one owes. This one has to return or not return in one's life time. This tied with a meter of some kind. The meter of course goes on and on and individuals keep owing and owing. Every one's objective is then to get a large non-negative number (it is called owning) written in the account so that meter can go on before initializing. In case meter does one is declared not credit worthy and one has to work - this no one in sane mind would like to do. It is not part of the values which is taught to all. The place to do it is called Wall Street. Here you have to float a scheme and sell it to others. Others will give some numbers from their account, thinking that if they invest in that scheme, in no time they shall have a very large number in their account. This is called business. This way you can get some numbers transferred in your account. When you have large numbers somehow in your account, you can start inserting chips in new born babies. Then of course you have a name - Banker. But then there are of course hierarchy of bankers, depends who charges whom or who inserts meter in whom. Initially they used to keep this numbers in central places in big machines called computers. It is of course a revolutionary idea to insert computers as microchip in new born babies and machines to read them in all over the places to let you know whether you can borrow any longer or not. This goes on pretty well for some time till there is nothing left to buy with borrowing, then they go gang up and attack others who are working and producing in order to survive. Survive at the expense of inferior kind such as this is accepted value of all. Although they have relegion and scriptures telling them not do that. Scriptures also tell you impossible things such not to insert meters or charge interest. But who cares, since one is religious, only when one is sick (out of fear one will be killed before one is dead and robbed of all possessions - this is worse than death), and not otherwise. Inferiors ought to be attacked since it is not right value - to work and produce, instead one must love and reproduce which is again most accepted value. This one does in plenty, as soon one has numbers in their account (they are called responsible) or even other wise (they are called irresponsible). It is predicted that the population would double in next ten years. This of couse would not happen since they have deviced lot of devices by which they can kill instantly many million inferiors and rob them if they do not accept their meters inserted in their body. This of course kills superior too since they inhabit the same planet. But who cares? You only care how much you get to write in your microchip account in shortest time and that is the one and only one aim in life. It has a special name - it is called BOTTOM LINE.

I also have many different permutations and combinations and varieties of the above. I employ many professors in some world just to think of a variety. I reward them too with Nobel prize. Just ask me I shall create one for you by them if it is not already in my possession.
I hate to think of any thing that has not been thought by me. All must necessarily has to be thought by me first before any one thinks of it unless of course I desire otherwise.

In 33 world, almighty has to to do whatever I ask, otherwise I make him not almighty
In most world I am insane. In some world I am regarded sane while I am insane
In 2 worlds I am wrong 2 times. In 1 world I am wrong once. In 3 worlds ..... I am right once. In 4 worlds I am right always. In most world I am wrong always. In 1 world I am right and wrong both at the same time, always.
. .

It is very twisted world I reflected. It is so complex and intertwined that you can't decipher any thread ( secretly it is only one). Here mighty ruler is the oppressed who launches the holy war against the might who again vows to bring him to justice, who again goes underground to fight the same etc. etc. It is a Mobius strip with many twist and turns!!

In all worlds in all spaces, except one without any dimension, I am totally fake


: )




I have two worlds very perfect, created by me with all the resources. I did not give them name. In one world I am sky. In the other world, I am darkness. In one world I am hope and in the other I am despair. Both the worlds are next to each other and nothing but me in between. In one world every one is optimistic and in the other world every one is pessimistic.

I wished to study evolution or natural selection if any and its legitimacy for a Godless world.
I created an empty space and I left nothing there - not even me. Just an empty space. No God, no time, no space, no atomosphere, no origin, no existence, no imagination, no reason, no thought -nothing and not even a microbe .. not even an atom or an infinitesimal particle. I then forgot about it. It did not exist ever and never came to be .... I forgot about it entirely. I forgot about me as well. I am absent and that too be it so.
Today while making this narration I thought about it and looked it up. Am I surprised - no ... yes! Just tell me, what is not there - Every imaginables and unimaginables, every possibles and imposibles are present there;
Every heart throbs or pains of mine are there from all my pasts, from all my presents, all my futures, from all my spaces. All are linked and all is a huge rotten inseparable spaghetty ... smelling and horrible -- stomach turning --- UGH WAWK WAWK ....
Sexes in all flavours - male female hermophrodite eunuch gay lesbian singletons ...
Money banks insurance tax governments politics policies moral patriotism democracy dictatorship communism socialism groups gangs newspapers tv radio internet Business Industry Profit Shares Exploitations Unions Revolutions .....
Religion gods churches temples prophets ghosts Devils mortals immortals heavens hells worlds books
Libraries goods bads priests hospitals courts Schools Colleges Certificates Castes Superior Inferiors ....
Aborigines languages dictionary grammar science schools colleges corporations factories armies ...
diseases birth death innocence intelligence word words sound sounds pattern paterns smells smells sensation sensations light lights ...
Intellectuals teachers theives robbers rapers rippers frauds honests...
Jungles antartics, tropics temperates luxuries deserts, villages, cities, seas, rivers oceans ... and all full of all kinds of creatures - deaf, dumb, blinds, idiots, intelligents, stationaries, mobiles, Phones, computers, computing, non-computinings, selfish, unselfish, destructive, reproducing coloured opaque transparents etc. etc. etc. etc
Sun moon planets milkyway galaxy nebula time times space spaces universe multiverses etc etc etc

and I just do not know what is not there except that it is no longer empty.
It is a overflowing garbage can.
There are even search engines to search for things that there is. All advertise their presence in search engines to be found out by others. Every one and every move is recorded so much so everyone is searching for privacy. This of course one of the things search engines can't find.

The entire space is a giant sensor - sensing and recording. I wonder how that came to be in the first place.

How truly all these have come to be!! There are plenty of theories - God, Evolution, Big Bang and 'what not' etc etc.
There are also theories how the end would come - Nuclear war, global warming, Devil, Black hole, radiation, evaporation or ... even discovery of siphon system into nothing.
Bigger question however is - does anything ever exist!!! Is there something called nothing!!!! This has got them thinking and that created the huge everflowing garbage can.











The inhabitants of world Exterra progressed very fast. They were very imaginative. They invented space time matter gravity and constants such as 0, π, e, א0 etc. and many laws and many truths. But they were obsessed over time. They created machine to extract time from matter, matter from space and reverse way round. They could even travel in time.

Last thing they discovered is how to transform imagination to time. That was their undoing. Everybody converted all their imaginations to Time. They just did not discover how to recycle time before they converted all their imagination to time. They used Time as their currency. They were simply addicted to Time. They used time for everything � drug, food, drinks, luxury trips, fun and what not. They even used to kill time in huge bonfires. They were the greatest consumer of time.

They consumed present; they consumed future; they converted all space to matter, converted all the matter to time, they consumed that too; they were only left with past, they even consumed that.

They were left with nothing; they are all huddled up nowhere and in no time. They can no longer do, they only stare.








Some of my inventions are abstract concepts such as living, dead, love, sex, anxiety or hate. I have been using them so much, I required to make them real; I gave them appearance and substance, I made them follow or disobey all laws of science social legal medical and economics. Now any one can carry them in purse, put them in Bank, shine them at leisure, and show them to whomever they wish to. One can even sell them as collector�s item. Commercial machines to transform abstract concepts, that otherwise needed intelligence to understand, into tangible items is a revolution itself. Now even brainless or senseless can have happiness, sadness, worry, life, sex, love, hate, living and death. I am working on miniaturization for some time now. Earlier, I was creating bigger and bigger staff. Now I have perfected miniaturization. I have a miniature universe with all laws, time, gravity and what not. Whole thing can be contained within an electron with spaces for spare. I have also created a device where I punch in co-ordinates, and desired magnification, the progress of time and watch in leisure anything I wish to watch � the end of all world, Arab Israel war in 3003 AD in a long extinct star, or two butter flies perfectly locked in love suspended in mid air defying all laws in heaven. This viewing machine is a great invention of mine. In fact it is my very latest. It has taken away all my boredom. I just choose any universe, any co-ordinates, any point of time, any progression rate, any duration, any zoom, any perspective, and watch. Further more, this device of mine is under control of my Thinker automation. I have already got devices in place for recycling spaces and universes. I have also created and have in place devices to remove Itself, Ideas, Imaginations, Memories, Spaces, and Universes and their contents (those do not need any transformation or recycling). Prior to this, I developed Anticipator � to anticipate what I am going to think, Thinker � to think my thoughts, Doer � to do what I need do, Inventor � to invent my inventions, Creator � to create my spaces, Enjoyer � to enjoy my spaces and automations.


I need do nothing ever.



Am I not greatest success ever!!!



No not quite. I am a total failure; I have no hope of recovery ever.













Ever since I started time and creating worlds, I have been attempting to create myself therein using all the tools I have invented � words, pictures, colors, dimensions, odors, lines, sounds, sensitivity, intelligence, memory, and imaginations etc. In many worlds I have created many caricatures of myself. Some of them are as absurd as this one �

I have none in no world remotely like me. I have no representative; and I can't have one. It is impossible for me to create one who can even conceive me. In other words, I can't ever be. I am invariably and permanently locked out from all spaces, worlds or universes!!!!







I spun it all - time space life matter and whatever, while I am always absent and can never be present.










'Man is like a mighty tree, his hair the leaves, his skin the bark.

Blood flows through the skin, as sap flows through bark.

A wounded man bleeds blood as an injured tree seeps sap.

His flesh is like the inner bark, his nerves its fibrous threads.

His bones are like wood within, his marrow's as the pith.

A tree when felled sprouts again from the root.

But what root is man reborn when he's cut down by death?


Once born, he's never really born again, for who could recreate him?

Brahman is knowledge!

Brahman is bliss!

Brahman is the goal of those who make offerings

And those who still the mind and knows.'.........................................BRIHADARANYAKA UPANISHAD





"Remaining still, Thou movest all that moves.

Thou makest the one seed many.

The Wise know Thee as their own Self,

To them, and no-one else, belongs eternal bliss".................................SHVETASHVATRA UPANISHAD






All is entirely me.





My life is a unigue chain of moments.

I can not avoid, escape, postpone, delete, color, or manipulate even a single moment of my life.









The present is the one and only real and live moment that I have.

It has me. It is necessary. It is sufficient.




Is it impossible for me to enjoy this very moment as is?


[ Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahullaah) said, "Deeds without sincerity are like a
traveler who carries in his water-jug dirt. The carrying of it burdens him
and it brings no benefit.
" ]