Feature Tour

Step 1

New Reprographer wishing to enroll as a service provider approaches B2B EDMS website. Clicks "agreement" button. Terms and Conditions for B2B EDMS is displayed. Reprographer has to click on "Agree" button.
New company/Project/Member approaches Reprographer's Site for enrollment as a new entity.



Reprographer is presented with a Registration form which is submitted to System Administrator for verification. On the other hand, the person approaching Reprographer is presented with a option list of Companies and Projects therein for Selection. There after the Registration form need be filled up which is submitted to appropriate level.



Administrators after logging in clicks "activate" button to view the list of pending applications. They review and verify the information before final authorization. They have to click on any pending application for reviewing the information. System generates email notification message to the applicant when the account application is authorized.



Upon authorization, new user logs in at appropriate website. Click on "enter". Click on "enter EDMS". Login screen is presented. The user enters login ID, Password and chooses the level.



After Login, user is presented with a Filter. The user selects the restricted view. To start with the selection is for maximum view the user is allowed by the system. The user may just click on Filter.



The resultant of Filter is the Tree view. The user can select any item on the Tree view. The result is displayed on Right. It is information, drawing, sound, video clip etc. The level of selection is shown on the upper left corner of the screen. The selected item in the Tree is highlighted. If required the selected item may be deselected by clicking on "Select any item to view or operate".



If the selected node is a drawing folder, the list of all the drawings in the folder are shown along with thumbnails for Tiff files. Miniature Tiff files along with original are available for viewing directly from tree view. On a slow Internet network, this helps reduce searching time. Drawings other than Autocad, PDF, Tiff, Jpeg, Gif may be transformed during upload of files to Tiff, Jpeg or GIF format so that they are readily viewable within web browser. EDMS may be customized to achieve this as per user requirements and image format.


Clicking on "usage" button, one may see the storage usage report. Clicking on "accounts", one may see the financial report. Clicking on "administrator" or "professional" button, one views the related information. Clicking on Drawing, Specification or Documents, one may see its contents on the right.



Changes within EDMS can be made via menu items that appear on the top of the screen. They are "New Folder" for creating a folder at the selected level, "Del Folder" for deleting the selected Folder, "upload" for uploading multiple files, "Download" for downloading multiple files, "Del File" for deleting file, "New member" for creating new member, "Del member" foe removing selected member , "Edit" selected item's information, "credit" for credit application etc.



Project members can make comments by clicking on "message" button. Comments may be replied upon. Project Manager/Administrator may review the comments and delete them. Communication within a Project is through these messages.



A comment can be viewed by clicking on it. A reply to the comment be made by clicking on "reply" button.



Order for a Blueprint  can be done by clicking on "order" button. The user then clicks "order Blueprint entry". The order form appears in a separate window. Ordered is submitted to the Reprographer and a email is auto generated which also informs the reprographer about the order.



Reprographer clicks on "order" button to look at the listing of orders awaiting action. 



Clicking on Blueprint column entry, Reprographer gets to see the order. Reprographer may execute the order, ship the order, delete the order. The order status change is automatically informed via system generated email to the member. However the Internet Options of Internet Explorer should properly be set up with a Email Agent.